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This blog could be about anything -from the serious, technical discussions, to the random silliness that permeates my tiny brain.

I write just so I could improve my writing skills, organize my thoughts, keep my sanity, or to just simply type out loud what I am thinking. I may or may not be always right in the opinions I hold, which is normal for any human being. However, I am always open to corrections and improvements.


Still somehow reluctant to grow up although not afraid of literally growing old. I confess, I just don’t like the responsibilities that come along with being a grown up.  However, no matter what I do, I can’t really run away from the fact that people do grow up, and that responsibilities are a way of life.

After much thought, I have fully embrace the path that I was destined to responsibly walk on by the grace of God.  I have come to realize that a meaningful life with real peace and contentment can only be found in Jesus Christ my Lord and the life He has planned for me.

Thank you for dropping by and do have a nice day!

-Claire [xhaleursoulatgmaildotcom]