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I’ve been asked so many times to give music lessons for a fee. I realized that money alone is not enough motivation for me to teach.

So why am I giving free lessons now?  I believe in giving back. I do not consider myself “expert” in this field, but I do have something to share. If you can read, you can count and you like music, these lessons could be for you. As of now, wala munang kids. Perhaps during summer, I could give music lessons for kids.

If you like to learn basic piano or guitar, send me an email   Kuwentuhan mo ako:

  1. Bakit gusto mo matuto?
  2. Bakit dapat kitang turuan?
  3. Kapag marunong ka na, ano gagawin mo?

In other words, you must convice me. If I don’t like your answers, you will not hear from me. No hard feelings, OK? 🙂

BTW, this is not entirely free. Prepare to pay the handouts.



"...the Law is good, if a man uses it lawfully;" -I Tim. 1:8

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