The Jonah Syndrome

Most of us are familiar with the story of Jonah and the big fish. As a child, I was so amazed by the fact that he was not digested for being 3 days in the fish’s tummy. But this is more than just a man swallowed by a big, fish.

This story is also about obedience and disobedience. It’s also about running away from God’s will. I call it “The Jonah Syndrome.”

One too many times, we deliberately choose to do our own thing rather than do what God wants us to do. Perhaps, we thought we are already doing God’s will, but we do it in our own terms, and not in the manner God intends us to perform.

I realized I had this Syndrome. For many years, I’ve been avoiding the responsibility of heading the school. I never dreamt of being an administrator/principal. I do not really care about titles or prestige. I can live a quiet, decent life outside this ministry. I am probably in a better financial state, than being in this “volunteer status/love gift” predicament. Basically, I tried running away.

But God’s hand is so strong that He used the circumstances to bring me into this position -that I can say with confidence “Undeniably, God placed me here. He brought me this far.”

As soon as I embraced and followed His will for my life, I felt serenity. The kind of peace that I am no longer running away from something. Sure, my path will still be stormy at times, but I will always have something calm inside me.


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