Danish Tourists

While I was on FB, I’ve come across a message supposedly from Danish tourists stuck in an island somewhere in Palawan. I am emailing to let you know about this just in case you don’t know yet. This is my own little way of being a helping hand in the efforts to aid people affected by Yolanda/Haiyan.


By Kenneth Sigbjørn Adelsten Johansson

Attention!!! We are typhoon victims. We need help!
We are 4 Danish people stuck on CHINDONAN ISLAND, CULION, PALAWAN. Our home Chindonan Island Resort & Divecenter has been wiped from the face of the earth, but we’ve managed to repair a generator for electricity, and have food left in our still functional freezer – for now.

We are now starting to support and accommodate Philippine Family’s from a small village on Chindonan Island, in what there is left of our Cottages, but we cannot keep it up for long. We fear if we leave, that the local people won’t manage to take care of them selves – they’ve lost everything and have no money for food, or maybe even access to it – we don’t know yet.
We have a spring that support us with fresh drinkable water, luckily.

We are now in town with a small boat we managed to pick up floating in front of our home, to buy food for everybody. The town is a mess as well and won’t be able to help anybody but them it selve.

We will probably not get support from the local government, as this disaster is widely spread out to more then 700 islands in the Philippines, and therefore we need help to get out of this situation.

Please! Help us contact media’s, embassy’s or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Share this, please!!!

Kenneth Sigbjørn Adelsten Johansson, Per Sigbjørn Pedersen, Per Hauberg Christiansen, Marjun Ølguf

We do not have access to network anymore at Chindonan Island, so response will be when we regain access to cellphone network and Internet.




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