We are at war. We are at war against the forces of evil. Satan seeks to destroy us. He wants us to be discouraged. He wants us to stop praying. He wants us to stop telling others about the saving knowledge of the Cross of Calvary. He wants us to quit serving Christ in furtherance of the Kingdom of Jesus. The enemy’s ultimate goal is to destroy us until we can no longer achieve anything for Christ.

Now that the coming of Christ is nearing, the enemy is working extra hard 24/7 to keep us from accomplishing our mission. The enemy is adept at using the strategy divide-and-conquer. The enemy wants us to fall out of the team. That way, he can eliminate us one by one. He wants us to fight amongst ourselves until we forget who the real enemy is.

The enemy will camp out, siege and embargo incoming supplies to stop us from going on with our mission. He will use hunger, sickness, daily needs, peer pressure, loneliness, and depression to make us quit devoting our lives for God and His cause.

He will keep reminding us of our blunders and mistakes thereby demoralizing us so that we will quit moving on for God. He will implant seeds of unbelief for us to doubt the mercy, grace, and forgiveness of sins thereby pushing us to doubt our effectiveness to carry on God’s work.

The battle is getting more and more intense and sophisticated. The battle rages in the mind. The attacks are subtle yet potent. The attacks are strategically targeted at our weaknesses. The enemy strikes when we are at our most vulnerable. When we take a hit and he damages us, it makes him so happy. It’s like playing tic-tac-toe. Every effort will meet blockade. The attack is from the inside as well as from the outside.

We are so hung up on the enemy that we forget Jesus has already defeated him. All we have to do is claim the power and the victory through Jesus Christ. The battle will never be won through mere human strength. Although the battle takes place in our minds, the battle was never ours. The battle is the Lord’s. It is not by our might but by the Spirit of the Lord. The battle can only be won whenever we bend our knees in full surrender of body and soul to the supreme power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, and only then, can the power of God flow into our lives thereby giving us victory.

To God be the glory!


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