Why Should I Forgive? Let me count the reasons…

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. ~Ghandi


1. I want to be free of bitterness towards you or anyone else.

2. I would like to sleep better at night. If I don’t forgive, I will keep thinking about you and that would lead to nightmares.

3. I am tired of hearing your name and how you have wronged me.

4. God will not avenge me, if I don’t forgive.

5. My prayers will not be answered, if I don’t forgive.

6. I will have more wrinkles, if I don’t forgive.

7. Having an unforgiving spirit will give me a sour disposition in life.

8. If I don’t forgive, I will always be suspicious of people. In return, people will have a hard time trusting me either.

9. If I don’t forgive, I will always be angry at you, at myself or the whole world for that matter.

10. If I don’t forgive, my Heavenly Father will neither forgive me.

11. If I keep harboring an unforgiving spirit, I will lose my appetite. At least for me, food will no longer be enjoyable. (But I know some people who direct their anger at food! LOL)

12. If I am unforgiving, it only shows how ungrateful I am for being forgiven.

13. If I am unforgiving, it only shows I am proud and spiteful.

14. If I am unforgiving, I will always be depress.

15. If I am unforgiving, everything I see will be “fault-full”

I am sure there are more reasons to forgive than I can write on this list. The truth is, we cannot be forgiving on our own. Human nature loves to count wrongs and exact revenge and retribution for every wrong committed against it. It has its own distorted version of justice.

To be forgiving is a choice -a choice we will be able to make when we truly see who we are and who Jesus is.


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