How to Say Goodbye?

Sometimes I hate airports, although I do like planes. I am a fan of technology. I appreciate the ease and comfort technology brings as humans travel from one place to another. What I don’t really like is saying goodbye. It doesn’t matter whether I’m the one leaving or the one staying. I especially hate that part where everything seem to move in slow motion and that one person slowly turns his/her back and then walks away from me disappearing into another world where I can’t be.

I don’t really know how to say goodbye. I don’t even like the word.

But goodbye is good for a lot of reasons. Maybe that’s why it’s called “good” –bye. For one, goodbyes make you realize that people are important enough to be missed, that you’re going to hurry back if you have to leave because it’s difficult to be apart from them.

Goodbye is good because it provides an opportunity for testing. When you’re away from your loved ones, goodbye, along with time and distance, will prove the strength of the bond you share with each other.

Goodbye is also good because it’s a prelude to another “Hello.” It could mean a second chance at life. It could mean another shot at the kind of happiness relationships bring. It could mean a new job or new friends. It could be God’s way of saying “Welcome to the new chapter of your life!” It could be God’s way of teaching you to move on, grow up, learn new things, and experience new thrills.

I already typed a lot of words, and I am convinced that goodbyes are good, and airports are not so bad, but I still don’t know HOW to say goodbye.


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