Of Clogged Toilets and Irresponsibility

Yuck! Maximum grossness! Yeah, yeah, that’s what I thought. The next door neighbor who shares the floor and the comfort room with us left her submarines floooooooating!!!!! I hate dirty toilets and bathrooms. And I’m not venting online because I don’t like cleaning toilets. As a matter of fact, next to the kitchen, I like cleaning bathrooms. I like clean, dry, sanitized bathrooms. I do the cleaning because I like to make sure that it’s clean. If you have a sloppy idea of bathroom cleanliness, don’t use my bathroom, please!

Some people have disgusting toilet/bathroom manners. Some men don’t raise the toilet seat when they pee and they spill some OUT of the bowl despite the size of the bowl. Some frequently leave clothes/underwear in a common bathroom or just about anywhere. Some leave toothpaste in the sink. Some spit in the sink and not even bother to wash it down the drain! Not that we have water scarcity. Many leave strands of hair. I hate that, too. Ggggrrr!!!! Who do you think you are leaving traces of yourself all over? Such a dugyot and a burara.” Someone I’d hate to live with. Simply put, you are irresponsible.

So back to my neighbor’s submarines. I imagine, she must have been surprised that the toilet did not flush properly. She panicked. So she flushed it some more until the water overflowed. Eeeeww! That’s why the floor was wet this morning. Maybe she was about to be late for work. She left a note telling us not to use the toilet kasi pahupain muna dahil ayaw lumubog. Then she just left. Just like that. Disappearing for days?! Irresponsible and inconsiderate.

Traits like that go a long, long way. You can carry it over to work, to relationships or how you treat other people. Eventually, people will avoid you because your character stinks (no pun intended).


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