The Future is Like a Cloud with Silver Linings

Oh the joys of young love… Innocent, passionate, and reckless. You look at each other’s eyes and then suddenly explode in laughter. You laugh at even the corniest, silliest matter. You have so much in common or so you think you have. You talk over the phone as if you’ve never spoken to each other for 20 years. You never run out of things to talk about. This is also the time when you think and feel that nothing in this world could ever stop your love for one another. You’d rather sit silently beside each other than mingle with other young people in your youth group. You feel invincible. You feel hopeful. The future is bright or so you thought.

Time passed quickly, you realized that some good things never last forever. Things didn’t happen even as you have carefully planned them. Things changed and you’re not together anymore. You don’t know how it happened. You don’t remember how it started. Only one thing is vivid –the pain. You got scarred and bitter. You became cynical. You became paranoid. You still blame yourself for not being able to sustain a meaningful relationship. You think you’re not that attractive. You think you’re not smart enough. You think you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. You’re always griping, whining, and complaining. You sound like a grouchy, old man or an irritably, maddening woman suffering menopausal syndrome. The future is grim.

Time does heal all wounds, but as to how much time it takes to heal varies for each individual. You got used to the pain until you felt numb. Afterwards, you felt nothing. Then, there’s the still small voice of God, “I AM with you always.” The verses you memorized rush back into your consciousness. You are assured that God has your best interest at heart. You learned to trust God. You learned to forgive. You were able to let go of your bitterness. God filled your heart anew with love and peace. You learned to love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. God became your priority and your happiness. This, in turn, made you overflowing with love. Once again, you feel invincible and hopeful. You realized, deep down in your heart, you are still a hopeful romantic. Now, you are waiting for God to show you THE ONE, at hindi ka na nag uuna-una. While THE ONE is still nowhere in sight, you study hard, honor your parents, and stay faithful to God serving Him through your church. Now, the future is brighter like a cloud with silver linings.


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