Book Review: WILD AT HEART (John Eldredge)

What’s your ideal man? Most of you would say, “Kind, sweet, etc., etc.” There’s nothing wrong with wanting a guy with those qualities. The thing is, more often than not, we all have this distorted picture of what’s an ideal man.

What makes a man? LOL This just reminds me of the radio ad “Ang Totoong Lalake.” He should not be wearing skinny jeans, or face powder, or have a personal pedicure set, etc., etc. I have nothing personal against men like that. I just find the radio ad really funny.

John Eldredge explores the What-Makes-A-Real-Man theme in the context of the ancient, wild world before Adam was created by God, in the context of Braveheart’s William Wallace, and Gladiator’s Maximus. This author most probably likes those two particular movies because he kept mentioning the characters. His critics say he’s advocating a barbaric, warrior-kind of Christian masculinity, which made me all the more curious about this book.

So I read the book and although I do not agree with everything he wrote, I do agree that deep in the heart of man there are three (3) basic desires found at the very core of his being (whether or not a man admits this): A battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. If these core desires are not satisfied the right way, you’ll have just a “shell of a man.”

This is a good book for parenting little boys and big boys as well. This is also a good read for those who’d like to understand the male specie from a radical perspective.


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