Predo Strikes Again!

Sometimes you’d think it’s his fatherly instincts. Sometimes he’d be too much and you’d think he’s some psycho turkey. He wasn’t mean when he first came to live with us. He kept to the grass until he learned to walk the driveway, which got me irked because I had to clean off his droppings every morning.

When I think of how Predo and his concubines act (what am I suppose to call them –wives?), I am amazed that turkeys possess intelligence of some sorts. One time, Concubine A discovered that some dog tried to eat the turkey eggs and actually destroyed one, Concubine A madly ran out of our yard carrying the spoiled egg with her beak and dropped it right in front of my Dad just outside the gate. She was clucking loudly as if complaining to my Dad.

Predo's Concubines... It's a good thing they get along well with each other.

It’s also amusing to me that Predo can actually remember people. Predo has a way of quietly sneaking up on people. He snuck at Mang Bernard, which started the old man swearing. I imagine Predo was also frightened. Mang Bernard tried to shoo Predo away but it didn’t stop Predo from clucking madly around the duyan. To this day, whenever Mang Bernard visits Dad, he tries not to see Dad in the house because Predo would just charge at him with his beak and claws.

Predo doesn’t like people or even dogs walking near his concubines’ nests. When he feels his family is threatened, he gets so hyper, his face turns blue or purple and bright red, and all his feathers spreads out to make him look bigger and meaner. Then, he’d be charging into whoever or whatever -claws and beaks with matching cluck-cluck-cluck-cluuuuuck!

Mad turkey contemplating how he's going to attack me!

Just this morning, Predo charged right at me. I found out how it feels to have his claws scratching my leg. I don’t know what’s his problem. I was in the duyan and then I noticed he was turning blueish-purple and bright red and walking as if on tip-toe! When I realized what he was about to do, I quickly got off the duyan and ran into the house. Guess what, Predo ran after me and tried to jump on my back, but all he scratched was my right leg.

If you are dressed up for an occasion, don’t come near Rain and Yuki because they’re going to get their paw prints on your nice outfit. Now, you also have to watch out for Predo because he could get his claw prints on your clothes, too! Maybe Predo feels like a dog, but of course, he will always be a turkey.

Crazy turkey… I could have him for thanksgiving dinner, but that would be sad because there will be no more Predo to amuse me or give me a scratched leg once in a while. 🙂


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