Movie Reviews of Some Sort

It’s been raining for days. Rainy days reminds me of memories which I both suppress and treasure at the same time. I know that’s weird. When it rains for a week or so, I feel off or under the weather having difficulty following my schedule, my routine, and accomplishing anything that needs to be accomplished. So to pass time, I shut my door close, lock myself in my room, and watch movies until I get tired or fall asleep.


I may have watched this movie for more than 10x already. Occasionally, you’ll think this was written by a cheesy, teenager, but you won’t mind that. I mean, I did not mind the “corny-ness.” Well, maybe I AM corny. Anyway, I love the wry humor played out between Charlie and Sophie. The story revolves around a 50 year old letter written by Claire (Charlie’s grandmother) to Juliet Capulet. Juliet may or may not be a fictional character in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. In this case, she was real and people actually wrote to her. Love-stricken people went to Verona, wrote notes and letters to Juliet about love and all sorts of heartaches, and then they post it on Juliet’s wall. The City of Verona employed people to answer all these letters. They were called Juliet’s Secretaries. Sophie found Claire’s letter. With Juliet’s secretaries’ permission, Sophie wrote a reply to Claire. The letter,which began with “What and if…” sent Claire from London to Italy searching for her Lorenzo. Along the way, she met so many Lorenzos and they were all weird, except for the one, true Lorenzo, the first love of her life. Eventually, Claire & Lorenzo got married and they lived happily -after being 50 years apart. 50 years is such a long time to wait for someone. But as Sophie wrote, “…if it was true then, why would it not be true now?”

Imagine having a husband who appears and disappears without any warning. It’s a genetic condition and he has no control over it. It would be totally weird and magical at the same time. This movie is an adaptation of the best-selling book with the same title. Henry time travels each time he feels so much emotion or when he drinks too much. Maybe he was just hallucinating he has traveled to another time. It’s so ironic he died at the same place he met his wife. It was also heart-wrenching every time Clare, Henry’s wife, had a miscarriage because the fetus time traveled. They did have a daughter who has the ability to control time traveling. Although they could go back in time, they can never change what has happened.

SECRET (2007)
This is a movie directed and written by Jay Chou, a Taiwanese singer/composer/actor/director. Another time-traveling story, but with a twist. Time traveling involved playing a piano piece with the title SECRET. A high school lass found an old, piano piece, played it and traveled 20 years in the future. In the future, she met this guy -apparently, the only person who could see her -became friends with him and fell in love with him. One day, the girl suddenly disappeared. She traveled back to her time by playing the piece again. The thing is, the guy never knew she was from 20 years ago, until he saw an old picture and heard a sad story told by his dad. Although the guy heard the piece played just once, he perfectly played the piece by ear (he was that good), and time traveled 20 years back just so he could be with this girl. Yeah, simple story, but it moved me. This movie did encourage me to keep on improving my piano skills. In fact, I now have a copy of the piece, but no time-traveling magic. 😦

I did watch other films. I watched Jolie’s SALT. I like her best when she’s being an action heroine. I also watched TEKKEN and fell asleep half-way. It was a lousy movie. I don’t understand the necessity of showing cleavages of all sorts in a supposedly action flick.  Jon Foo looks good though!


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