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I’ve been asked so many times to give music lessons for a fee. I realized that money alone is not enough motivation for me to teach.

So why am I giving free lessons now?  I believe in giving back. I do not consider myself “expert” in this field, but I do have something to share. If you can read, you can count and you like music, these lessons could be for you. As of now, wala munang kids. Perhaps during summer, I could give music lessons for kids.

If you like to learn basic piano or guitar, send me an email   Kuwentuhan mo ako:

  1. Bakit gusto mo matuto?
  2. Bakit dapat kitang turuan?
  3. Kapag marunong ka na, ano gagawin mo?

In other words, you must convice me. If I don’t like your answers, you will not hear from me. No hard feelings, OK? 🙂

BTW, this is not entirely free. Prepare to pay the handouts.

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Musings of a VBS Director

God did it again! 11 teams. 11 areas. 39 volunteers. 355 precious children. God scored another victory for us. He completely turned around what looked to be a hopeless situation.

When we started vacation Bible school (VBS) last week, we had nothing. The church funds for the project were not available. There were no materials or workbooks. Pledges from people did not come in.

What was I thinking? Not much. Prior to the VBS week was a training week for the academy teachers. My concern was mainly how to get all the teachers to train.

Some were thinking of canceling the event. Some were fearful. But I had a back-up plan in the event that we do not have teaching materials -I was going to write the lesson plans. The thought that I’d be writing lesson plans felt like my brain was going to dry up. How long has it been since I wrote lesson plans? 11 years! Great! I haven’t seen a shadow of a lesson plan in 11 years!

This is only my second year as a VBS Director and I always have this doubt at the back of my mind. Am I cut out for this? I recalled the last year’s VBS. It was also victorious. Did I have alot of money back then? No. Was I a better strategist and planner back then? No. Now? Not even now.

There were many times I foolishly think that the success of any particular project I lead, is in my puny hands. Sure, I may have some skills and a functional brain, but God was quick to intervene. He deliberately pushed me to the edge where I can no longer depend on my skills or what little knowledge I have. It was incredible how God reminded me that this is His work and I’m only an instrument. It was a process where He made sure He gets all the credit and the glory.

4 days before the VBS, the materials arrived -director’s manual, instructional dvd, etc. Clearly, God was saying, “Go on! Go forward!”  Thank you ate Norlene Estenzo for lending us the materials.

So we stepped out in faith. We had a plan, but God’s plan was so much better than our plan. As soon as we acted in faith, God’s hand started to move mightily and it led us to achieve what He wanted us to achieve.

I’d like to acknowledge the people who came together as a team:

Thank you volunteers. Thank you for volunteering your time and efforts and even your money. Thank you for staying up late at night to study your lessons and prepare the activity materials. It was not a perfect team considering the different personalities and preferences, but you were there and you worked your best. Thank you! A big thank you also goes to the host families. Thank you for preparing snacks for the children and lunch for the teachers out of your own pockets throughout the 5-day event. Thank you, too, for the cash contributions. Thank you for being generous. Your financial assistance became part of the workbooks, the daily fuel of the cab, the fare and snacks of the children. The cab drivers where also a great blessing! Thank you all for being available to work. Parents, thank you for allowing your children to be a vital part of this event. Thank you! Thank you!






On the 5th day, we held a graduation program at the church. I can barely hear my own voice over the microphone. It was a ruckus! And I mean that in a positive way. The kids had fun. (Sorry for the poor pics!) There were group singing presentations and comical skits.

Thank you to the sponsors of the snacks -pancit bihon, macaroni soup, and the refreshments. Thank you so much!

Most importantly, we were able to plant the seeds of God’s saving grace in the hearts of each child. They have all professed to have accepted Him as their Lord and personal Savior but only God sees the true condition of each soul. We do what we can, but only God can truly change a heart. We plant, we cultivate, but only God can give the increase.

To God be the glory!